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Shorts Xxl

Posted on Sunday, October 11, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Shorts Xxl
Shorts Xxl

Live XXL red passion over that colour?

I just died my hair from dark brown to red with Live XXL red passion and i do love the colour but i wanted it a little brighter.

If i re-dye it using that same colour in 6 weeks will it go a bright red, should i leave it on for a shorter amount of time?



What the last lass said is quite right – if you want it brighter you need to leave it on longer. I used to use exactly that colour, I had it that colour for about 6 or 7 years actually. It wasn’t that bright to begin with – I was more like dark blonde.
If you want a brighter colour you’d probably have to bleach it first. You neednt bleach it bright white – and you’ll have to be a good judge on how strong and healthy your hair is first.
The good thing about bleachin then dyin red is that theres no chance it could go green – trust me, i went from red to blonde recently and i know all about it!
One more thing you should know about dyin your hair red though is that its the fastest fading colour. Even if you get it to a bright red you’ll have to dye it more often than every six weeks – more like every four, to stop it fadin to a gingery colour.

Hope that helps x

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