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Shirt Longsleeve

Posted on Saturday, October 16, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Shirt Longsleeve
Shirt Longsleeve

The most important aspect of a bespoke shirt is the measurements with which the shirt will be made. There are nine measurements required for a perfect fit. Measurements should be taken at the neck, chest, stomach, seat, shoulders, arm, back and two wrists. If the chest size is below 38″ a good allowance at the chest is 5″; for larger chest sizes, the allowance can be up to 8″. The cuffs of the shirt should rest almost at the beginning of the thumb joint when unfastened so that the arm can be moved freely.

The next step is to choose the fabric and design of the shirt. When opting for a bespoke shirt, a vast array of fabric choices is available, but the most suitable fabrics are cotton and linen. These are both naturally occurring fabrics, and as a result offer great comfort. Cotton is most suitable for formal shirts, while linen remains a favourite for less formal summer shirts as it remains cool to the touch even in hot weather.

There will be a good range of collars to choose from. These range from the everyday (Classic) collars to the more exotic band collars and wing collars. Band collars give the shirt a more relaxed look, whilst wing collars are generally only used for very formal occasions, such as wedding and dinner parties.

The cuffs chosen will also denote the formality of the shirt. Single cuffs (called barrel cuffs in some regions), will give a more relaxed feel, while double cuffs (French cuffs), which are fastened with cuff-links are more suitable for formal shirts.

There are also many secondary style options to choose from. The tails of the shirt will be available in a variety of patterns, from the most traditional tails and gusset to a flat hem with side splits for use in informal shirts. A range of buttons such as mother of pearl may be available as well as the chance to truly personalise your shirt by having your initials embroidered on it.

Now that bespoke shirts are so affordable, everybody can have the chance to own a shirt designed personally for them. For more information on mens shirts, please visit Curtis & Dyer’s website at

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were can i get a union jack t-shirt or longsleeve?

i want a union jack t-shirt or longsleve apart from ebay and amazon what stores can i get them at????????????

Any tourist shop in London.

Project For Awesome – Young Life – 2010

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