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Shirt Hip

Posted on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Shirt Hip
Shirt Hip

There was a time when being pregnant meant sacrificing your personal style for nine whole months. And when you surrender your fashion sense you can really lose a part of yourself. Don’t get lost in boring smocked shirts and stretch pants while you wait for your little one to arrive, be yourself in funky maternity clothes. You don’t have to lose who you are in motherhood when you maintain your funky fresh style all along the way.

Funky maternity clothes give you lots of options. Finding shirts to fit your growing baby bump doesn’t have to be a chore. Many stores these days are offering a wide selection of maternity shirts that are fun and hip. You can choose anything from shirts with political sayings and eco-friendly messages to art from well-known and obscure artists. The choices are endless!

Maternity pants used to be one of the main things that women dreaded about pregnancy. But stretch pants, jeans and slacks that don’t fit right, and over-sized dresses are a thing of the past. Today, funky maternity clothing includes cute jeans, fun skirts with unique and interesting prints, and dresses that are exciting, flattering and versatile. And with the styles of today being so adaptable and universal, you can mix and match your pieces to make the most of your maternity wardrobe.

You may have never thought about making your own clothing, or perhaps you do it all the time. Either way, DIY is a great way to have funky maternity clothes that fit your style and your body perfectly. Basic maternity t-shirts are widely available in almost any color and style. But if they are just too boring for you, you might consider customizing one or several with embroidery, fabric paints or even tie-dye. Or have some basic T’s professionally screen printed for something put together and unique at the same time.

DIY works for pants too. If you’re having trouble finding maternity pants that you like, you might try converting a pair of fun and unique pants you already own to work for your pregnancy. Or shop non-maternity items and look for skirts and dresses with empire waists and plenty of extra room, then add a little bit of flair on your own. When you create or embellish your own funky maternity clothes, you end up with something that is truly unique!

Pregnancy these days is trendy and fashionable. No more hiding a baby bump, motherhood is redefined! Maternity clothes are evolving too. Hip maternity clothes and punk maternity shirts are now the norm! Shop for cool pregnancy outfits and funky diaper bags as well as punk baby clothing and accessories.

Do you think it is beautiful to see these little girls wearing short shirts with hip huggers?

I have been watching these little over weight girls with shirts that are too short and pants that our showing their plummers crack. They have bellies and love handles hanging over the pants, the breasts are about to bust out of the shirts, and I very seldom see anyone who looks really in this kind of fashion. However if you go to a store to look for clothes this tacky stuff is what you see on the racks.

I believe that the problem here has a few issues. The first being the weight problem we have in America. Little girls should not be over weight. They are young and should be full of fat burning energy. They need to be outside having fun burning it.

The second issue is the media, Everywhere you look all you see is hardly dressed women, and everyone talks about how beautiful they are. Little girls are taught that they are only pretty if they dress that way. So they try to even with they don’t look that way. This look is sold to little children all the time with products like Barbie and Bratz. And no you can’t go into store and easily find clothing that is decent for little girls.

Starting at four years old mere baby’s are trained to flaunt themselves and for what. It’s no wonder we have teen pregnancy and STD’s. Not to mention the perverts out there.

So to answer your question, NO I don’t think it’s beautiful to see these children dresses this way. The chubby ones or the ones who are thin.

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