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Sexy Men

Posted on Saturday, February 5, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Sexy Men
Sexy Men

If you think that women are the only ones who enjoy wearing sexy underwear, think again. Men’s underwear designers are thrilled that more men are taking the cue from their European counterparts and hopping on the skimpy train. If you think that thin strips are only sold at fast food chicken chains, you need to get out more. Yes your lawyer, banker or even your pastor could be rocking it in some sweet leopard thongs despite their seemingly conservative demeanor. Let your imagination run wild as objections are made to your honor (the judge), your figures are grimly assessed and glory is sang on high by these scantily clad men.

This leads us to five reasons why men are now opting for sexy underwear.

It gives them a kick out of doing something completely contrary to their public image. So while you are letting your imagination roam they are smiling at their skimpy little secret. So both of you can now enjoy your little joke. But wait; in order to fully enjoy the sense of mischief can one really keep it hidden? I suspect these men will come out of closet eventually. Seen any in the locker room lately?

It gives their girlfriends or wife a kick. For many years thongs have been thought of as something guys like their women to wear, but what they didn’t realize was that some women are actually aroused by seeing their hot guy in a thong. Some men even claim that it has improved their sex life. Nothing like pleasing your partner. Hey let’s wear his and hers thongs today.

It makes them look and feel sexy. Lest you stray into ‘that’s a feminine piece of underwear territory”, you should know that both straight and gay guys share this view. These men think that thongs allow them to show off their packaging better. Indeed the pouch in front gives them a hot feeling of freedom and support. The illusion of size does not hurt either.

It makes them feel comfortable. I can see you shaking your heads now. How can it be comfortable, wearing that string between your cheeks? Well it depends on the brands you buy. And let me tell you, there are tons of options out there now. If the strip of cloth is too chunky then you may feel some discomfort but some guys don’t mind. On the other hand, the absence of bunching common to boxers is welcomed by men (and women who hate to see the grabbing and pulling). Men particularly appreciate this in the summer, when the thong feels cooler under a suit.

It is great for the gym. No we aren’t talking about guys coming on to them, although that does happen. Men actually prefer the fit and comfort as they have nothing rubbing between their legs, the grip keep them feeling well supported in a gentle way unlike jock straps which are said to be not as as comfortable for longer wear.

Although people are moving towards accepting the thong as a male undergarment there are some who think it looks silly or that it favors men of a certain sexual orientation. The trend however suggests that times are a changing. With so many options available online, you have no need to fear being seen in the underwear aisle when you want to try this little piece of cloth, after reading this of course.

Dee Ashley is a wife of 16 years and a mother too. She believes laughter to be one of the best remedies for the ills of life. She loves men who laugh and hopes you are laughing. Read more on her views and feast on some sexy men’s underwear at her Very Sexy Men site and her Very Sexy Men blog. Her teenage son refuses to wear a thong.

Anyone out there think artist men are sexy ?

Anyone out there think artist men are sexy ? well read.As good looking as say Tom Welling.

I do! When a guy tells me that he is an artist, it’s a real turn on. I’m an arist too, so that might be one reason for my feelings about this. There’s just this mysterious thing about men who can be loose enough to let their subconscious/artistic self be revealed to others.

On the other hand, I’ve met some rather unattractive male artists in my day along with some really hot ones.

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