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Set Silver

Posted on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Set Silver
Set Silver

Does anyone know of a good way to tell how much silver is worth? I have an old silver tea set.?

I have an old silver tea set that was my grandmothers and I have some silverware. I know I can take it to an appraiser but I’m not sure how to even know if they are giving me a good price for it. Any ideas?

The price of silver, as a metal, can be found at, but that is for the commodity, which has been increasing in value the past year. However, silver that is in a collectible product is another thing. I think, the best way to value something, without the assistance of an expert (antique dealer, appraiser) is to see if a comparable item is for sale, either at an antique shop, ebay, craigslist, etc. There are numerous antique blogs on the internet…try a few of them, inquire at different sites….get three estimates, and you are probably somwhere in between the highest and lowest. Also, you may have a personal intrinsic value that will not be applied to the value. So, you may wish to keep it, or give it to a loved one.

A simple source would be to “google it” and see what happens.

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