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Seatbelt Buckle

Posted on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Seatbelt Buckle
Seatbelt Buckle

How do I fix a seatbelt buckle?

I accidently broke the covering to my seatbelt buckle a few months ago and it was fine. Now my fucking dad had to break it. I think he probably mashed the thing to fit the buckle into the clip and bent the springs. What can I do to fix this? He’s not driving my truck anymore I can tell you that much.

Not knowing what brand or model were dealing with here check with the truck brand, dealership most seat belt buckles are warrantied forever. Unless it is a Ford. The inside buckle just bolts to the floor and drivers side some times has a plug to turn on the seat belt light . Easy fix even with a wrecking yard part. You might even find lost things under the seat if you have to unbolt the seat to get to the seat belt bolt

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