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Running Sneakers

Posted on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Running Sneakers
Running Sneakers

Can you recommend me running sneakers?

I got put in Weight Training class in my school, and it is intense… I want to take this class seriously. I’ve only had aerobics for gym class, so I’m really nowhere close to the fitness everyone else in my class has. This class runs at least once a week, at least a mile each time. I only have Converse and I know they aren’t good (at all) for running, so can you recommend me some very good/comfortable running sneakers? Not too expensive though… Around $50-70?

Getting the right running shoes for your feet, stride, etc. is extremely important – having improperly fitted or worn out shoes is one of the leading causes of running injuries. To find the right pair for your feet, you’ll want to find a running store (ie, a store that focuses specifically on runners & running – NOT a big chain sporting goods store) and tell the clerk that you are in the market for a pair of running shoes and need a fitting. They should measure your foot in several different directions, watch you walk and run both barefoot and in shoes, and have you try on several different types of shoe. (If they don’t do this, go somewhere else.) Don’t worry about what the shoes look like – go with the ones that feel the best on your feet.

The downside is that good running shoes are not cheap; you can expect to spend between $100 & $150 on a quality pair. I know it seems like a lot, but wearing the wrong shoes can end up costing much more in doctor and physical therapy bills. In fact, barring some huge sale, I would go out of my way NOT to purchase a pair in the $50-70 range, because if they’re that cheap, there’s a good chance they’re going to be bad for your feet. Once you’ve been fitted and know what type & brand of shoe works the best for you, you can look for sales & bargains when it’s time for your next pair. (Or, you can get yourself fitted & write down the info on the pairs that fit you best, and try searching for discounted pairs online – that sometimes works too.)

Good luck!

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