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Rings Bands

Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Rings Bands
Rings Bands

Eternity rings are traditionally given whenever to mark significant events, or the anniversaries of significant events such as the first wedding anniversary, the birth of the first child and so on. However there is an increasing trend in choosing full or half eternity band diamond rings as engagement rings and in rare cases, they can even be given as friendship or promise rings.

So why is this stunning form of diamond ring in such great demand?

Actually this is obvious. The design itself, being a continuous single row of diamonds pave, channel, bar or bezel set into precious metal is a simple, elegant and beautiful piece of fine jewelry. It sits easily on the finger and is smooth to wear because the gemstones do not snag or tug on clothing and other fibers.

The complete circle of diamonds represents the never ending love a husband and wife share during their marriage. And the hardness of the diamond, the toughest natural material known to mankind, is the perfect symbol of the strength of love shared by the couple.

Although it is the custom to give an eternity band ring some time after the wedding itself, maybe on the first, tenth or other anniversary, most brides are happy to receive one at any time. In fact, eternity rings are also known as diamond anniversary or diamond wedding rings and are often used during the ceremony if a couple choose to renew their vows.

And more and more brides are choosing an eternity band ring for their engagement ring. They certainly make wonderful choices! Because these days an engagement ring is so much more than the simple diamond solitaire which became very popular in the latter part of the twentieth century, brides these days are demanding more unusual yet practical rings for their engagement bands.

Eternity band engagement rings sit easily alongside a wedding band, which means that there is no need to cut pieces out of the wedding band itself to accommodate the gemstone of the engagement band. And the straight edges of the band ensure that the two rings will always sit closely together.

Or if the full diamond eternity band is too ostentatious, for example, if a bride decides she wants something a little more special than just a plain band of precious metal for her wedding band, what better than a half eternity band wedding ring? In these rings the diamonds are set so that they only cover the top third or half of the ring rather than the whole band, which is perfect to give a wedding band extra sparkle!

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Wedding & Engagement Rings : Choosing Wedding Bands

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