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Ring Wedding

Posted on Thursday, April 8, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Ring Wedding
Ring Wedding

Simply put, a page boy refers to a young male attendant in either a cotillion or a wedding. In this article, we’re going to focus on the role of the page boy, also known as the ring bearer, in a wedding ceremony.

You can find page boys in British royal weddings. Although it became a common practice in the last few decades, this type of practice seems to be on the decline once again.

Choosing the Ring Bearer/Page Boy

Page boys and ring bearers are usually either little brothers or young nephews of either the bride or the groom. When it comes to age, the little boy should be no younger than 5 years of age, and not older than 10.

Ring Bearer Duties

The terms ring bearer and page boy are often used interchangeably. A more succinct distinction between the two lies in the definition of ring bearer. The ring bearer refers to a special page who has the responsibility of performing either of these two duties:

* carrying the wedding rings on a big satin pillow

* acting as the page boy and carrying the bride’s train.

The Satin Pillow

In most weddings, the large satin pillow carried by the ring bearer contains nothing more than imitation rings sewn on the fabric. For safekeeping, the best man retains possession of the rings until he hands them to the bride and groom during the ceremony.

For couples looking to attach the real wedding bands to the satin pillow, this can be done by tacking the rings on with thread.

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what is the difference between an engagement ring and wedding ring?

as in appearance? because i found an engagement ring i like but my friend says its a wedding ring. i cant tell by the website though. its a three stone ring. is it a wedding ring or engagement ring? or can it be both?

an engagement ring is, traditionally, the ting your FH picks out to give to you when he proposes to you.

the wedding ring is the ring that you use when you actually get married.

engagement rings are usually fancier, a lot of times with a stone or stones on them. wedding rings have traditionally been plain or minimally embellished bands.

women usually wear both rings on their finger. you can’t really fir two flashy rings on one finger, can you?

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