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Retro Rock

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Retro Rock
Retro Rock

Is the UK a good place to develop a Retro-Modern Metal/Rock band?

My band is having real trouble drawing serious fan support in the US do to general disinterest in the kind of music we play and the apathy of americans towards non-established groups. Club owners who were around in the 70s and 80s love our sound but it’s just not going anywhere on a personal level. We have been contemplating a possible move to the UK in 2010 to reach a more open fanbase, attempt to get minor label support and do a UK tour followed by a possible European tour- over the course of a few years- (provided fan backing and management/label support are established)

Would the UK be a good place for our band to go to develop our music? or would it be better to go to say, NYC and go from there?

our rough demos are available at
we are currently in the process of final tracking and mastering for our upcoming EP

NYC just doesn’t seem to be the place for your type of music right now in my opinion. There are some quality retro-influenced metal/rock bands appearing on the US scene, but they’re mostly coming from the Midwest or the South and they’re not experiencing commercial success with a few exceptions like The Sword.

The vibe that your band’s demo gives off is alive and well over in UK/Europe though. In Britain there’s Orange Goblin and Viking Skull (a new favorite of mine) making waves. And on the mainland in Sweden (and Scandinavia in general) there’s been all sorts of retro metal and rock going on there for the past decade. The Hellacopters, Dozer, Greenleaf, the Mushroom River Band, etc. are all 3-5 albums deep and doing well. (Well, TMRB broke up, but I don’t know anyone who knows a good reason why.)

So, yeah, I would make the leap to the UK and look into airfare from London to Stockholm while you’re at it. You could make a hell of a splash.

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