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Research Group

Posted on Saturday, December 18, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Research Group
Research Group

Survey Head,, the Paid Surveys Group… The online market research industry has become completely saturated with companies competing for clients. People who are interested in doing online market research for compensation should keep certain things in mind when trying to find a company to work with.

First, market research is a good way to make a supplemental income. In general it is not considered a good method of traditional income, mostly owing to the fact that surveys themselves don’t pay a great deal and they are not reliable – you only get surveys when companies have a reason to collect information.

If you are interested in making a supplemental income, know that you should never have to pay for membership with a legitimate market research company. Market research companies are paid by major corporations for the information that they collect; they do not need to collect membership fees from you.

Surveys are distributed to you based on your specific demographic. How old you are, your gender, the region you live in – this all goes towards whether or not you receive a particular survey, so you fill have to fill out a questionnaire detailing all of these things.

Surveys are further given to you based on extra information you provide before you take a survey, for example, whether or not you play video games and which video game systems you use. Your answers to these questions could further qualify you or disqualify you for particular surveys.

In order to increase your chances of getting the largest amount of survey qualifications, your best bet is to sign up with as many legitimate companies as possible, since different companies are performing different market research studies at different times.

Finally, different companies also compensate their clients in different methods. Some use cash, generally sent to you via a PayPal account, while others give prizes, rewards, or gift cards. Make sure to check out not only a company’s type of compensation, but also their policies. How often will they pay you? How much do you need in your account before you can cash out?

Generally it’s best for you if a company has a low pay out number, generally closer to twenty or twenty five dollars than fifty. If you decide you don’t like working with a company for some reason, a lower pay out amount ensures that you are far more likely to be able to claim the money you’ve already earned.

If you know the answers to all these questions before you sign up for a company, then you won’t be overwhelmed by all the Survey Head,, Paid Surveys Group, and many, many other companies. You’ll know what you’re looking for, and you’ll know when to stay or move on depending on whether or not that company can provide it.

If you would like more info check out additional Survey Head and reviews.

Does anyone know where I can join a research group in Chicago?

I am looking to get some extra money by being part of a research group…exploring all options, medical, phycho-social, etc.

Sure, here are some sites that list studies, including several listings from Northwestern and an FAQ from Rush University, which has links at the bottom on how to participate in studies.


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