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Relaxed Fit

Posted on Friday, January 14, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Relaxed Fit
Relaxed Fit

DO women like guys wearing straight leg jeans or relaxed fit?

I’ve been told straight leg shows off the butt better, but as a male I always think guys wearing straight leg look a little homosexual. Maybe it’s jsut cause I always wear relax.
lol bizlow I knew I would seem gay asking but that’s why I asked under the face of an internet name.

it depends on the guy & his shape. sometimes “showing off the butt better” is NOT a good thing, especially with men (& I do love a man’s butt =) ).
Imo, relaxed fit jeans pretty much work fine for most men. straight leg jeans that are fitted but not tight work for most, too (& really can be quite sexy!).
However, I think the *tight* straight leg jeans are suited for a certain type of body &/or fashion style.
Your best bet is to have a trusted female (or 2!) go shopping with you. She’ll help u get it right!

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