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Regular Fit

Posted on Monday, May 10, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Regular Fit
Regular Fit

Everybody knows that keeping fit and doing exercise on a regular basis has many health benefits. However, even though many people know the benefits of doing exercise many people do not do enough exercise. There are many complex reasons that this can happen. However, for most people they give themselves many excuses to get out of doing it.

Common excuses include that they do not have enough time, they have too many commitments, they are too tired or too fat etc. Many people do not embark on exercise because they think they will look stupid in front of their friends or strangers.

When people make excuses not to keep themselves fit they do not think of the positive outcomes that they will acquire by keeping fit. In a way they plan to fail. This can be seen when people actually start an exercise regime but when they hit their first obstacle they give up. They do not follow through. They do not plan ahead and put in place rewards for achieving their fitness goals. People focus more on what regular exercise will take away from them or the sacrifices they will have to make. For example, they will think about how it will encroach on their free time, rest or doing work. Regular exercise will take time and requires commitment therefore, it is important that you set up a plan to include rewards. What many people find when they stay committed to a fitness routine they actually have more energy to get things done.

Another excuse that many people use not to keep fit is that there is no place for them to do exercise. They think that they need to go to a fancy gym with expensive fees. Another good one is that the weather outside is either too cold or too wet to go out and exercise. Again these are just excuses. You do not need a gym to keep fit. If you have stairs in your house then spends a few minutes a day running or walking up and down them.

Always seek a doctor’s advice if you have a medical condition before doing any form of new exercise.

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What’s the difference between a slim fit shirt and a regular shirt at Hot Topic?

I’m really into band shirts, but i’m not sure whether to get regular shirts or the slim fit. Now I’m pretty skinny, so the tightness isn’t the problem. I’m more worried about the length of the shirt, and if the small for a slim fit is different than a small for regular, or maybe small in slim fit is x-small in regular; I don’t know. Just please help me out.

Regular shirts are more “boxie” and slim fit are more skinny.

Competition: HOW MUCH DJ equipment can u fit on one regular table ?!?

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