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Posted on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Red White
Red White

What is the difference of componet cables vs the red,white & yellow cables?

I have a new TV. My DVD still has the old red/white/yellow cables whilst this one has the the red/green/blue componet. Also my WII console has the red/yellow/white. Are the interchangable?

yellow usually goes to video and the red and white(or black) goes to the audio.

the red/green/blue are for composite videos.. used for progressive scan dvd players. its is not interchangable.

since you are using a dvd player wit the old yellow video jack on it. just plug it to the yellow video input on your new tv. just leave the composites alone.

anyway, hdmi is gaining popularity these days. it is becoming a standard. so try investing on equipments with hdmi next time.
hdmi incorporates high definition audio and video on a single plug..


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