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Red Black

Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Red Black
Red Black

1985 Air Jordans are the first edition of Nikes, fashionable and sophisticated and are of a good fortune. Those are so comfortable that they have retained their names till date, despite obvious competition from various other categories.

Designed by Peter Moore, the 1985 Air Jordans had two lace arrangement each colour matching the colour of the side it was in, viz. a red/black shoe had red and black laces.

1985 Air Jordan shoes retain their Nike identity by providing a six digit serial number out of which the first two digits are representative of the year of manufacture (to be found at the inside of the ankle, just after the size number) . Most users value a pair that has the oldest number.

Although 1985 Air Jordans are indicative of the year of initiation, but these first edition shoes can also be found with 84 and 86 manufacturing also. 1985 Air Jordans are famous for their low top with 17 major colors with separate women and youth categories which were named as “Sky Jordan”.

Canvas Nike 1985 Air Jordans have a special name called “AJKO”. Some custom designed patterns and colors were also there which were not for retail purpose preserving the identity of the requisitioning party.

These first versions were again remanufactured during 1994 along with the second and third versions. These had serial number starting with 94, obviously, but the feel and look of the shoes were very much 1985 Air Jordans. This was done to mark the famous baseballer Michael Jordan’s comeback to basketball. But the sale performance were much better during 2001 when these were built along with custom leather.

Most common colors of 1985 Air Jordans came in red/white/black. The black toed non AJKO/Sky version has been a rare but popular variety which retained its identity separately from the others in its category. Black and grey combination was less in use but looked very grand. The Black and gold combinations were almost custom made and are treated as invaluable and are without a serial number indicating the timelessness of the make. Other rarely created colour combination is purple metallic.

The story behind 1985 Air Jordans is that Michael Jordan eventually agreed for @2.5 million five year contract to wear the shoes after refusing to wear them initially because they came in devilish colors. The black and red sneakers were banned initially for violation of color rules, but since it generated wide publicity, Nike gleefully paid the $5000 per game fine. Although one agrees that Nike played a little game with dazzled with money, but the designs and wears also came with pure solidity and counted for its value.

Eventually 1985 Air Jordans were made in 23 colors out of which only 18 hit the stands and the others were just for the displays. The price was $65 per pair. These are so valued that the price of the old worn out pairs come with range between $5000 to $9000. Despite changing times, competition and adversity, the designs have managed to rule the basketball shoes scenario and in retaining originality.

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House wiring, How to wire a light with red ,black and white wiring?

I have two switches and two lights working from one red black and white wire. source. I want to take away one switch and one light and still use the one red ,white and black wire that is there. Is this possible?

If the two switches controlled both of the lights at the same time, then you have 3-way switches and the black/red wires are called runners. One of the 3-way switches will have a hot wire connected to the common contact and the other switch will have the common contact connected to the load or lights.
It may be best to get an electrician to take a look and see what you have.

Red-Black tree example

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