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Puma Roma

Posted on Thursday, February 18, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Puma Roma
Puma Roma

How does one clean Pumas (the shoes)?

I have black puma roma that are heavily soiled with mud. i need to know how to clean them or what i need to buy. thanks!

i would recommend a sponge with warm water. gently massage at the dirtied areas. pumas are expensive and i know how devestated i was when someone spilled a full beer on mine. then some b1tch dumped a full beer down my front cuz i talked to some guy that she talked to earlier. wasn’t a good night for my clothes. back to topic though. because they are so expensive, you don’t want to use something more abrasive like a toothbrush, which could rub away at the material.

oh and to the person above me, gentle and gentile are two TOTALLY different things. spelling matters. gentle means softly, gentile means a non jewish person, typically a christian.

puma roma

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