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Prom Package

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Prom Package
Prom Package

Where can i find the orange and blue tuxedos from dumb and dumber?

Me and my buddy plan to wear the blue and orange tuxedos from dumb and dumber to our prom. I have searched the web for a place to buy and all i can find are “costumes” of the tuxes. I have heard that the costumes are not real tuxes and are a poor quality. I want to find real tuxedos that match the ones from dumb and dumber. Any help is appreciated.

O and i want the top hats and canes. Were goin for the whole package.

Amazon has this–it looks pretty cool. I’ve added a link below and it should take you to the Everything Orange store where you can click on Orange Apparel. It’s on page 29 and it’s right in the middle.
Here’s the link: The review says that they are more comfy than a ‘real’ tux. Good Luck

Project Prom Package

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