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Polka Dot

Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Polka Dot
Polka Dot

Where can I find a red polka dot skirt?

I need to find a red polka dot skirt for my Minnie Mouse costume for Halloween. It doesn’t have to be a costume, just if you know any stores that has a cute red and white polka dot skirt, like Minnie’s. Thanks! Please help!

Izzy, that was really not necessary to be that sarcastic. Sorry but I can’t provide an answer, sweetie =[ See, I’m looking for one too (for MY Minnie Mouse costume ;])and I happened to stumble upon this question for an answer but when I saw Izzy’s bitchy response, I had to reply. Sorry…(good luck on your costume, though! =])

“The Polka Dot Polka” THE GANG’S ALL HERE Busby Berkeley

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