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Peak Lapel

Posted on Saturday, April 3, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Peak Lapel
Peak Lapel

Suit Hire & School Ball Formal Wear

For most students their high school ball or high school formal will be the first time they needed Formal Wear. Today more than ever guys are taking more interest into what they wear and how they look at their ball or high school formal.

Tuxedo or Suit – what type of suit you will wear to your school ball or high school formal?

What is the difference between a Tuxedo and a Suit?


A Tuxedo features satin trimmings, with satin lapels on the jacket and satin stripes down the outside leg of the pants. Tuxedo shirts can have a pleated front, and have studs or cuff links on the sleeves. The sleeves of a tux jacket are a fraction shorter than the length of the shirt, so the cuff from the shirt is just visible. Patent (shinny) leather shoes are worn with tuxedos. Tuxedos come in a range of colours black, grey, white, ivory, bright colours, brown, navy and pinstripe. Traditionally a tux is worn with a white shirt, however today any colour goes, Tuxedos have a curved or pointed peak lapel and the jacket has one button. Cummerbunds, waistcoats and bow ties & ties are accessories worn with tuxedos.


Suits worn to a school ball or high school formal can be any colour, ranging from white, black, grey, to bright orange and pink. Formal wear suits do not feature satin. They have lapels made from the same fabric and are worn with a dress shirt. Suits can have 2 or 3 buttons and are worn with regular leather shoes.

There are so many different suit options to choose from, there are; white suits, pin stripe suits, black suits, grey suits, bright coloured suits, top hat and tail suits. Depending on the suit colour you choose you can make certain looks with the colour shirt worn e.g. black on black i.e. black shirt, or white on white i.e. white shirt white suit. You may choose to wear black suit pants and white jacket. The options are limitless allowing you to create your own individual style.

Suits and School Ball Dates

If you are going to your school ball or school formal with a partner guys match their suit shirt, vest, tie or bow tie to the colour of their partners dress. If your partners dress is a soft pale pink and you dont want to wear that colour shirt, black and white goes with anything. You can always match up your corsages.

I’m required to wear a black jacket, black shirt, black pants and shoes for work is it ok….?

If the other guys have notch lapels on their jackets but I have peak lapels? Its a kinda classy place, I just don’t want to look like I’m trying to be too too formal or nicer than anyone else. Its just the only black jacket I own..Answers ASAP would be appreciated:)

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