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Olive Green

Posted on Monday, December 20, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Olive Green
Olive Green

I am dyeing olive green curtains Sunshine Orange , do i need to get the dye remover first?

I know the rit dye directions are self explainatory, anyone know from personal experience that if you dye them from olive green to orange will they look orange?? i am thinking thell turn an nasty brown?

The dye will, in principle, be added to whatever color is already there. It is absorbed into the fibers. It will be orange on top of green, which makes muddy brown.

Depending on the fabric, it may already be saturated with dye and won’t accept the orange at all or will be streaky or splotchy.

You’ll need to do the color remover first.

Synthetic fibers don’t really re-dye. Color remover won’t take all the color out unless the curtains are 100% cotton. If they have a permanent press finish there may be issues taking the remover and dye also.

If you have a small piece, like a tie back, you are willing to sacrifice try doing that first before the whole curtian set to see if it will work.

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