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Old School

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Old School
Old School

Anyone who is into fitness and MMA, even at an amateur level, is no doubt aware that effective strength training requires you to switch up your workouts regularly in order to continue to see gains. This rule of thumb applies equally to those just looking to get cut as it does to professional bodybuilders and MMA fighters. Check out the following tools for adding a new dimension to your strength and power building. You will find that they do wonders for improving your MMA striking capabilities, as well as offer challenging workouts when you can’t make it to the gym or your MMA training center.

Old school tools that build power and strength

You may think resistance cords are for those who can’t pick up big weights, but once you get in a couple of hardcore, intense workouts with them you will find they give you the burn you need and can help you step up your MMA skills in a whole new way. You can also now find kits with multiple resistance cords that can add even more resistance. Use them for practicing punches, bicep curls and for practicing swaying your body and controlling your opponent when you are in the clinch. Best of all, you can carry them anywhere so you never have to miss a workout.

Water bottles also make great improvised weights. It doesn’t matter where you travel to or if you have to hop hotels for a week, you can pick up water bottles anywhere. Don’t think they will help? You know how big inmates get in prison right? A lot of the time they work out with just bags of water. So add a gritty edge to your MMA striking and unleash the beast inside. Two gallons of water in each hand are about 17 pounds on each side. If you think you really need to lift heavy then try two 5 gallon jugs. The exercises you can do with them are endless.

One of the classic old school tools you can use to really blast through barriers and improve your strength and force are sledge hammers. Even Robert Downey Jr. managed to pack on 20lbs of lean muscle for his movie Iron Man 2 using sledge hammers in his workouts. You can use them for lunges, throwing your hands out in front of you to add speed and strength. You can also use them to beat tires in your backyard. You will not only build strength and scary looking ripped shoulders with sledge hammer workouts, but you will find it really helps to relieve stress and bring out the animal in you.

Jacqueline Knapp is a recent graduate of the University of Rochester in NY with a BA in Spanish. She uses her experience and knowledge of Spanish studies, literary translation studies, literature studies, creative writing, and Internet marketing and related services daily in her job as a freelance writer and blogger.

What are some good old school reggaeton?

When I say “old school” I mean the days before DY and DO. The days when Dembow was the beat that was the only beat and was not just a remix beat.

1.Mexicano – RBO Brothers
2.MC T. – Point Breakers
3.Horny Man – Nestito
4.Panty Man – W.I.D.Z.
5.Three Gangsta – OGM
6.Domi – Oakley
7.Color & Flavor – Baby Boy
8.Dadde Wiz – Black Omar
9.Kid J. – Shan
10.Primo – Eddie Dee
Peace, Love & Happiness

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