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Off White

Posted on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Off White
Off White

Decorating can be a lot of fun, and may sound very inviting to begin with, but if you do not have a plan of action, per say, in place, then it will be expensive. It will be expensive because of all the adjustments you will make as you start to notice the rooms not flowing together. As ideas pop into your head, the first area of redecorating that comes to mind is changing colors. Obviously, you would like to coordinate your environment with your furniture, but what if your furniture colors change? Have you ever considered starting with basic black and white colors?

I realize you were thinking of color, but you probably are stuck choosing a color. Well, black and white is a great starting point, and can really add some brightness to the room. Not that you will need to paint everything in black and white, but use them as your base colors. Black is a great color for flowing rooms together and allows you to easily accessorize the room. It helps put focus on certain areas of a room as well, if intended, and the color black will go with anything.

Black and white is elegant, and will provide a clean image. It may be hard to visualize this, but there are many opportunities for decorative ideas to come out of black and white. You can sprinkle in any other to add flavor, brighten up a room, etc. You can usually find black and white colors used in contemporary finishes or French-style designed homes.

Black accents may include black drapes and other window treatments, black-framed artwork. You could add black, wrought iron tables. Walls is a great place to start in decorating a space; they could be another shade of white, maybe an off-white. The proper combination of adding colors will truly show some sophistication. Next on your to-do list would most certainly be flooring. Black marble may be the trick, or in certain fashions, black and white checkerboard would look inviting, with white baseboards. Another possibility is to use white ceramic tiling and group it and border it in black.

Using black and white, you can find an unlimited array of possibilities. I understand the notion to do something off-the-wall, like painting a game room in red, but remember, those colors are going to be a pain to change when your decor changes. Adding black and white will certainly brighten up the room and leave it wide open for you to add your own tastes without having to redecorate every time you are in the mood for a change.

To help accent your room and add some pasazz, consider accessorizing with Glass Votive Holders, or you could sprinkle in a few Square Glass Vases.

Where can I find off-white Pantone colors for printing?

I need a particular off-white Pantone color, but my standard formula guide (normal solid coated) has very few light options. I cannot print a tint, it must be a pure color.

Would the new Pantone Goe system have it? And if so, would my local print-house be able to print Goe?
It’s screen printing.
The substrate is 2mm Styrene.

You need Pantone Pastels range – 4 digit number starting with a 9xxx

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