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Nwt Christian

Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Nwt Christian
Nwt Christian

Has anyone heard a Jehovah’s wittiness say the christian bible is wrong?

I just saw an answer that said the Jehovah’s witnesses say the christian bible is wrong I have heard many people say the NWT is wrong
I am aJehovah’s Wittness I would say that the NWT is a better translation but I would not say others are wrong when I first came in contact with the Witnesses I used the NIV and KJV and still do ocasionaly there is not any diference just the wording I remember one of the songs I sung in my old churc it said Jesus died on a tree
Joseph Smith is the founder of the Mormons not the Jehovah’s Wittnesses

No, I have not.

I, in fact tell people that all Bibles have the same message;
that of God’s Kingdom, here on earth.
Ruled by His Son, Jesus Christ.
The hope in the Resurrection.

It doesn’t not matter to us,
which translation you prefer to use…
that is totally up to you.

I personally, prefer the NWT,
it is written in modern English;
easy to comprehend.
The King’s English;
to me; might as well be an Auctioneer…
It scrambles my brainwaves….
my analytical mind, can’t handle it.


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