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Nunn Bush

Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Nunn Bush
Nunn Bush

Warren Christopher,as it turns out is Not an Obama Advisor… Disinfo from The AP/News Corp ?

Ok …so all day yesterday I had this awful feeling that we were seeing a COMPLETE recreation of the Clinton administration… The Washington Post broke the headline, “Sam Nunn and Warren Christopher to head up DOD transition “???????

I think it’s pretty obvious the country fared better under the Clinton’s than it had under Regan/Bush and certainly better than “W”..but we want Change, ..serious change. To restock with that old guard who after all of these years carried so much baggage was more than disappointing…. but wait,

AP Who has a partnership with Rupert Murdoch’s (Fox) News Corporation, misquoted Stephanie Cutter (Obama transition team spokeswoman) and went on to sight “Unknown Sources” .

Should this matter be pursued? Is a Rumor mill acceptable right now? Don’t we have enough on our plates, Shouldn’t these people give this a break now, or is tearing our country apart Good for Business?

It always fascinates me that the “patriots” are so keen to pull down any administration which does not pursue their own Extreme capitalism agenda. No matter what long lasting damage it may cause to the nation and the people.

They will lie, cheat, slander and set up any liberal politician who gets near power. Look at the International laughing stock they made of us when they could find no evidence of corruption over Whitewater…so they found an intern with a sociopath’s desire for attention and wrote The Story of M..sorry The Starr Report!! LOL!!

But when “their” President lies to Congress and the UN to start a war for profit, allows Federal Authorities to ignore real threats and thus 4,000 Americans die in a terrorist attack, when he illegally detains both US and foreign nationals as political prisoners and uses toture to get them to “confess”….they howl in protest at the idea of Impeachment.

Hypocrites…to a man and a woman. Selfish, greedy hypocrites who would not give up a dollar for the good of the nation and who would not get out of bed to offer anyone a helping hand unless there was a profit in it for themselves!!

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