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Nugget Ring

Posted on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Nugget Ring
Nugget Ring

In life and business we all need to know an experimenter if we aren’t one ourselves. These are the folks that push the limits, break rules, challenge barriers. These individuals don’t see a wall as a wall but instead look at ways to scale it, go around it, go through it, or dig under it. Inventors are most often great experimenters but it isn’t limited to inventors. Anyone with a renegade streak is a great experimenter and that means entrepreneurs. Goldilocks was one!

When Goldilocks stumbled across the Three Bears cottage she didn’t just select the first bed and take a nap, she experimented. She tried each of the beds until she found the one that worked the best for her. She wasn’t playing by the rules; the rules dictated that she would not have even gone into the house. The rules suggested that she not experiment. You’ve got to learn to push boundaries, break rules when necessary, and find your own success zone.

Goldilocks was a quintessential experimenter she checked out each of the bowls of porridge and each chair as well. In each case she determined by trial and error which was the best fit for her. Are you taking risks? Are you willing to experiment? Or instead are you following the rules as set by society, as established by history, or as determined by someone else? Times change, rules change, and experimenting will often yield different results depending on the context and the participants.

I do this regularly with social media and the networks. While I have certainly taken many teleseminars, webinars, read ebooks, watched video tutorials, and even been to multi-day live events, I am still finding my own success zone and that means experimenting. I know the boundaries but want to see how far I can push them and what the results will be. Sometimes they are great and sometimes they aren’t, but I am always ahead of where I started and have gleaned a valuable nugget to move forward with.

Are you just sitting there, playing by other peoples rules? Do you know how they came by those rules? With the rapid innovations and changing times we live and work in, rules are constantly changing. Why not make up your own?  Experiment, step outside of the box you put yourself in, and reach farther for that gold ring. Find gold when you pull a Goldilocks!

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Is it possible to scrap 24k gold that was drizzled on a vase?

I have a vase that has 24k gold around the rim and on the bottom half of the vase. The research I’ve found says it usually isn’t worth scrapping cause its just a thin layer, however this vase has gold that resembles a nugget ring…….enough worth scrapping! any info would be great.

anything is possible.
the old gold minors did use an acid bath to remove very fine gold from the ore

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