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Notch Wool

Posted on Sunday, May 16, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Notch Wool
Notch Wool

So when are we going to pay this debt back?

Our gov’t has spent us into oblivion and Obama has taken things up 5 notches. How or when are we going to pay this debt back? Why is there never a plan mentioned or put in place? All I ever hear about is how they are going to spend money to send us to war, study wool or catfish, or socialize health care. There seems to be more and more spending and programs, so how will we sustain? Do those of you who support Republicans or Democrats who have done this to us have answers? Why do you support either of these parties as they are equally responsible for this mess?

That’s a question only your great-great-great grandchildren know the answer to.

Minecraft – “Survival Island” Part 7: You don’t want to see me getting wool from a sheep!

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