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Neko Eternity

Posted on Saturday, January 8, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Neko Eternity
Neko Eternity

Which plot sounds better?

Plot 1. A guys parents where scientists and these scientists genetically morphed the boys DNA to give him inhuman skill so he could rid the world of the corrupt government.
Plot 2. There are two royal family’s, one half has a half of a substance residing in them the other the other half. Legend has it that if one person from one side and another person from the other side had a family then there baby would possess both halves of the substance that, when he fully grows, join together to make the substance complete and will be able to conquer the world and rule it for eternity. A baby was born bur with out anyone but the parents, the godfather, and a pipsqueak joke knowing about it. The story goes that the baby was given to the Valdez family, a mafia like group that continuea continually keeps sucking the Neko, a substance found under the ocean plates, for there own use.

I like Plot No. 1. It sounds sort of like the “Maximum Ride” series, which I love, but instead the kids in Max are 98% human, 2% bird. So, naturally they would have bird wings and know how to fly :). But if you’ve read these books don’t make that story too much like “Maximum Ride”. Here is a link if you haven’t read Maximum Ride: Okay, well I think your story will be great, whichever one you pick :), but the first one is definatly the one I’m voting for.

Carleigh and Morgan’s obbsessions~!

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