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Necktie Ties

Posted on Monday, August 30, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Necktie Ties
Necktie Ties

Nicole Miller is known for designing accessories, clothes, accessories and men’s neckwear that reflect her passions and personality. Her trademarks seem to be a unique combination of elegance, rebellion, fun, sexiness and a sophisticated look. Her men’s designer neckties reflect her love of the environment and the protection of the earth’s resources.

Biography of the Designer

As an American born in 1952, to a French mother, not only does Nicole Miller enjoy the heredity of Paris fashion, but she went to school at Paris’ Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and Rhode Islands’ School of Design. Her dual fashion training taught her classical couture with a touch of freedom and expression, as she started designing her unique fashion lines.

From there, she became famous herself because of her famous celebrity clients, and she was the first to use celebrity actresses as models in 1996. Since then she has opened 20 stores under the Nicole Miller name. She also sells her fashion, designer ties and accessory collections at fine stores like Saks, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

Always Looking to the Future

She is best known for using the most advanced fabrics before anybody else does, and her non-conformist glamour which features silhouettes inspired b y imagery and exotic cultures. She is married, has a son and two houses in New York. Along with her family, she has an interest in the environment and programs designed to protect the earth. It is these passions that have inspired her men’s designer neckwear and has made her an activist in organizations such as Rocky Mountain Institute and John F. Kennedy Jr.’s Riverkeeper.

Crazy, Wacky Men’s Designer Neckties

Her collection of men’s designer ties shows the imagery that their names suggest. The “Carbon Footprint”, “Conserve Water”, “Frogs” and “Leaves” neckwear are prime examples. Coupled with the other names in her collection such as”The Bees”, “The Beneficial Insects”, “The Electric Bike” and “The Wind Generation” necktie, you have a good idea of how her passion and personality have inspired most of her creations.

She has given them the look of vintage designer ties, embellished them with unique graphics of things like windmills, bike riders, dragonflies and butterflies or frogs, for example. The different colored designer neckwear and the awareness it raises are typical Nicole Miller style and passion.

Expansion of Core Collections

While she started with celebrity runway fashions, she has expanded to outerwear, bridal wear, golf wear, accessories, cosmetics sold by Melaleuca, Bed, Bath and Beyond home line, a sportswear line called Millergirl and the Nicole Miller Signature collection, which is upscale, red carpet wear. Of course, her fun and colorful men’s designer ties are a result of expanding into unconventional markets for runway fashion designers.


For those that are looking for vintage designer neckties, you should consider the Nicole Miller collection. They have the vintage look of fine silk designer ties, yet the modern and eccentric look of today’s technologies and concerns. They make great conversation starters, too.

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