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Necktie Tie

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Necktie Tie
Necktie Tie

Among all necktie designs, the solid color neckties are the easiest to match with a man’s shirt. Most men prefer single color ties simply because they can’t go wrong with them. Because of its style and appearance, solid color neckties will never be inappropriate or go out of style.

A solid or single color necktie is best worn with a pattern shirt to show contrast. It also works well with plain shirts – the only important thing to remember when doing this is to use the color wheel as a guide to match complimentary colors.

The most common colors that go together are the earthier hues. A plain emerald green shirt would go well with a solid brown necktie. You could also wear a solid red necktie with a plain black shirt.

Just bear in mind though that aside from referring to your color wheel, keep your skin complexion in mind, as this is your first consideration when choosing the right shirt to wear. It is practically easy to decide by then what single color necktie to wear once you’ve picked out the right color of shirt that would go perfectly with your complexion.

The occasion is also a major consideration when wearing a solid necktie. Normally, if you belong in a conservative work place, the best way to play it safe when it comes to your business attire is to wear a solid color necktie.

Solid color ties are also the perfect choice for formal events. Whether it’s a black tie event or any other formal affair, solid ties blend well with formal suits. While there are a lot of possible solid colors to choose from, not all of them are appropriate for formal events. Colors like fire red, hot pink or lime green, although are solid colors, might just be out of place during formal occasions. To play it safe, it is best to choose more subdued yet solid colors like navy blue, maroon, or burgundy.

The single color tie is probably the most used tie in a man’s wardrobe. It’s because it can be used in just about any occasion – from daily office wear to special formal events. It is probably one of the most classic, timeless and essential piece in a professional man’s wardrobe.

A solid or single color necktie has proven countless times that it can work with a suit and project a powerful look in a man. While it may look conservative, solid color neckties are not always low in profile. It has its own ability to make a man stand out when he walks into a room. All the more when he is wearing a solid color tie made of silk.

A solid silk necktie spells success and power to a modern man. Because of silk’s properties that reflect light naturally, it tends to create more dimension, giving the solid color of the tie a more bold presence.

If you are fond of wearing neckties, a solid silk necktie is also definitely worth an investment.

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why are men still expected to wear a necktie with their suit & shirt. Isn’t the tie confining & outdated.?

why hasn’t it morphed like women starting to wear pants. what is the purpose or origin of the necktie & should it be abolished?

Yes it should be; on my job many of the women bosses make the men wear a tie, but if women had to wear it it would be gone like the dodo.

How to tie and dimple your necktie (Full windsor)

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