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Necktie Solid

Posted on Friday, March 25, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Necktie Solid
Necktie Solid

Early Years

Hugo Boss is one of the leading designers of high-end menswear in the world today, but the company has a checkered past. The founder of this fashion house, Hugo Ferdinand Boss, established his clothing company in Metzingen, Germany in 1924. But as the country fell into a severe economic depression, Boss, like most others, was forced to file for bankruptcy.

After a year of struggle, Boss decided to give it another try, and opened a new business in 1931. He also became a member of a radical, but growing political party known as the Nazis. Not surprisingly, as the Nazi party grew, so did Boss’s business as he was designated the official designer and supplier of uniforms for the SS and the SA.

More than a decade later, when Germany lost the war, Boss was charged with being a Nazi sympathizer and he was not only barred from voting, but also had to pay a stiff fine. A few years later, in 1948, Boss died, but his business went on without him. But this time, instead of making military or police uniforms, they turned their attention to producing men’s suits. The timing was nothing short of serendipitous as the male fashion industry was just starting to garner attention.

Turning to Men’s Suits & Accessories

In the coming decades, through the 60’s and the 70’s, Hugo Boss products became synonymous with high-end men’s suits and accessories. They would carry that reputation to the stock exchange where Boss became a publically traded company in 1985.

In later years, the company would expand its interests, even introducing a line of men’s colognes in 1993. The company also manufactures an entire line of women’s clothes that include tops, dresses, footwear and underwear.

But menswear has always been the focus of Hugo Boss and they continue in that proud tradition. Not only do they sell men’s suits, but they also sell shoes, shirts, jeans and even sandals.

In the late Nineties, the company introduced a line of clothes for men that were described and marketed as casual and sporty and therefore were truly different from the sophisticated and fashionable suits Hugo had produced in the past.

Presently, the company’s wares are available all over the world in more than 6,100 retail stores. They also boast three different brands: Boss, Hugo and Baldessarin (named for a former chairman).

Firmly Planted in Fashion

But Hugo Boss has and always will be about men’s fashion. That is why they continue to expand their men’s lines to appeal to a new generation of fashion-conscious men. In particular, the company has always been known for its classic cravats.

The best thing about Hugo Boss ties is that they have simplistic designs and that they’re made from quality materials. In fact, most of their neckties are made in Italy and are 100% silk. The patterns and designs are often simple and utilize either stripes or diamonds or solid colors. They are also some of the most affordable brand name ties and will set you back only about fifty to a hundred dollars.

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will this red tie go well with this black dress shirt?



Yes it does go good together =)
especially if your hair is black or dark brown
if your hair was a color that wont match the red tie then no

hope i helped =)

answer my question too please=)

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