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Motorcycle Boots

Posted on Sunday, May 2, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Motorcycle Boots
Motorcycle Boots

Anyone know where to find motorcycle shoe/boots with thick soles for short riders?

I’m 4’11”, I run with a low profile tire on back and have lowered the bike everyway possible. Can ride the way it is but, would like abit more help with maybe a higher soled boot. Anyone else have this problem?
I would like to have a higher sole over the entire bottom of boot not just a higher heel. Have tried Local and out of town Harley dealer, Dennis kirk, J&P cycles also.

JetDoc and Txhyp said what I was going to. I had considered this idea myself after reading an article about the various ways to get your feet on the ground in one of the mags.

They’re also right to say you shouldn’t go too high – unless you can carry around another pair to change into.

Also check out this site. I didn’t look to see what they offer, but you might find something.

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