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Motorcycle Biker

Posted on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Motorcycle Biker
Motorcycle Biker

HJC sportbike motorcycle helmets are produced by a Korean company in the forefront of helmet technology. Besides its research and development unit in Korea, the company has facilities in North America, Europe, China and Vietnam. The company has specialized exclusively in the manufacture of motorcycle helmets since 1971. HJC’s success worldwide stems from its innovative ideas, specialized manufacturing techniques and reasonable pricing. HJC aims to supply comfortable, reasonably priced high quality helmets to bikers worldwide.

The company’s range was extended by the introduction of the full face FS15 helmet in 2009 and a new series of Sunshield helmets. These particular models emphasize their innovative and technical abilities, capable of producing such features as a composite shell design with an advanced channeling system for ventilation. The FS15 is claimed to offer the same features normally only found on high-end helmets, at an affordable price. The helmet is manufactured using both carbon fiber shell and fiberglass.

Carbon fiber versions of the helmet offer greater comfort to the rider due to their light weight. The new IS series of helmets feature an advanced sunshield system. The concept features a sturdy central track device for opening or closing the built in sunshield instantaneously to protect the rider from low afternoon sun, thus eliminating the need to stop and change shields.

Another advanced helmet from HJC sportbike motorcycle helmets is the RPS-10 which was introduced following an intensive research and development period of three years and major investments in the company’s testing and manufacturing facilities. During the development process, twenty separate designs were implemented and were tested in the company’s specially built wind tunnel, for things like noise, stability, aerodynamics and vibration.

The RPS-10 features three adjustable intake vents in the front, one in the chin area and the two more on the head. The top ones are quite unique as they employ a rolling device that allows the intake to be adjusted incrementally through six separate positions. The buttons can be adjusted by a rider wearing gloves. An Advanced Channeling System inside the helmet complements the intakes by directing air through vents in the foam lining, over the top of the head and out of the rear of the helmet keeping the motorcyclist’s head cool.

The shell construction of the RPS-10 is completely new and, to date, only six technicians are authorized to operate the molding machinery that is used to manufacture each of the three sizes of the RPS-10 range. A lighter shell is produced from the molding process, which is different to the conventional fiber glass helmet moldings.

The liner inside the shell is manufactured from an anti-bacterial Gingkomin fabric designed to eliminate odors. The liner can be washed as and when required. The helmet features grooves in the design to accommodate riders who wear glasses so that they needn’t be pushed back on the face. The designers of HJC sportbike motorcycle helmets are committed to the needs of bikers everywhere.

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When your motorcycle tour group is lead by old bikers what hand, foot or helmet warning sign do you understand?

Sometimes I wonder if technology has wiped out recognizing some familiar rules of the road. Maybe I’m signalling to the blind?

I am reading 2 parts to your question : why dont people get my signals, do other people signal?

Are you the old biker leading your group? Tours usually have a group meeting before the tour, discussing stops, emergencies, signals, formation and whatever. Does your group not pass the signal back, that youre wondering if you are signaling to the blind?

Around my parts, we use: point to obstacle, get ready to turn, turning now, slow down, police spotted, blinker on, got to pee-lets stop, pass, lets go…

When i signal to riders in coming lanes, I mostly dont get a response. I attribute this to they did not see, process info and respond in time. Or that they are a new rider and dont know the signals. In the last few years, with the gas prices rising, there are more and more new riders.

Myself As A Woman Motorcycle Rider

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