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Metallic Silver

Posted on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Metallic Silver
Metallic Silver

Gang run printing can be the most economical way to print most of your company’s advertising, sales and marketing literature. By using gang run printing you can combine your job with other similar jobs and share the cost of make ready and the press run. You only pay for the space on the press you use. Many online printers offer gang run services with reasonable turn around times and prices. This is a great way to save money if the size and quantity of your job meet the printers run requirements.

One important point to be aware of is that your ability to create advertising, sales and marketing literature that is unique and different is limited. Your odds of getting noticed are somewhat diminished when you look like everybody else. If you want your cards, brochure, flyers and books to stand out, you need to add a Wow Factor. Something extra that separates you from the crowd. Some ways to do this are by choosing a printer that includes heavy paper stocks and additional finishes to your printed order. That’s the minimum requirement.

Thanks to the latest state of the art printing technology, it is now possible to go way beyond plain vanilla and use some really wonderful “Wow Factor” special effect techniques to your next gang run print job. Spot UV Coating: Adds a high gloss coating only to selected areas you want to stand out. This is a great option for giving your printed piece the “WOW FACTOR”! Spot UV highlights and focus attention to a selected area by creating a visual stimulus. It enhances the value and give the impression of importance and quality to the finished piece.

Metallic Silver Ink []: This special ink actually has microscopic flakes of aluminum embedded in the ink to create a metallic silver effect. It creates a very unique and exciting look to distinguish you from your competition. Silver can be used in type, background or boarders. It’s sure to get you noticed.

Colored Metallics []: This is an incredible new process that actually allows you to create a metallic effect to hundreds of standard colors. It is sure to give you a truly unique and exciting look.

These special techniques are only available from a very few online printing services. They truly raise the bar on what is available at reasonable costs that most companies can afford. In the coming difficult business time, this could be a solution to standing out and getting noticed. The important thing to always be aware of the fact that it does not matter how hard you work, it is how smart you work. No matter what you offer if it goes unnoticed, you’ve spent a lot of money and wasted much of your time. The most important consideration is not the cost but the return on investment (ROI). By using Wow Factor custom effects, you are on your way to achieving this goal.

For free samples and more information about Wow Factor printing, go to:

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Sylvia Bronstein, started her successful career in the New York advertising scene, she has been developing effective advertising, sales and marketing literature for more than 30 years. Specializing in small and medium size businesses, she is currently using her extensive experience writing articles and working as a consultant.

Can anyone suggest a good silver metallic paint for wood furniture.?

I have some furniture that I would like to paint a metallic silver (to resemble the Old Hollywood Mirrored style). One small dresser has previously been painted black. I also have a vanity and night table which I love but the veneer is chipped and the finish is quite worn due to age. Since mirrored furniture is much too expensive for my budget, I am hoping to create a similar look with paint. Any suggestions?

Modern Masters makes waterbased metallic paints & look great, you will need to prime the black first. The night table veneer should be able to be repaired then you can refinish it.

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