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Metal Belt

Posted on Monday, June 22, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Metal Belt
Metal Belt

Allergy to metal – Where can I find a belt without any metal on it?

My husband is allergic to metal. The belt he wears makes his stomach break out from the metal touching his skin when sits down. He’s tried coating the metal part with clear nail polish and it didn’t work for him. Any ideas?

Do you know any places where we could buy a manly-looking belt without any metal on it?
He’s allergic to gold 🙁 He’s allergic to everything! That’s why I’d like to find a non-metal belt. Like a tie belt or something?

The two alloys that your husband may be allergic two are chromium and nickel. Both are used in steel and are responsible for most contact dermatitis in people. Some leather actually has chromium in it from the tanning process. Do a search for “hypoallergenic belt buckle” Some are nickel free. You could go to a dermatologist and get a patch test to see if its the nickel or chromium. Platinum and titanium are safe. Most people can handle gold if it is 18K and higher. White gold and 14k gold is not safe.

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