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Mens Three

Posted on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Mens Three
Mens Three

When you are talking about “short” size suits, picking the right suit can make a big difference (no pun intended). From the colors to the pattern to the right designer choosing the right combination can make your investment really work for you. There are plenty of things to consider but regardless of the suit you pick here are some standing orders to keep in mind:

  • If you are shorter than 5’8″ be prepared to have the length of the jacket chopped up some more.Most designer make their “short” size suits for men that are at least 5’9″ so if you fall under that a little more proportion will go a long way.
  • Speaking of which before you start shopping look for a great tailor to start. this guy will make a good suit look great. Who wants to drop a bunch of money on some thing that’s just OK? Go the extra mile and get it fitted by a really knowledgeable tailor.
  • Accessories are just as important. Do not skimp on a great pair of shoes, dress shirt and tie. Why pair a great fitting suit with bad stuff.
  • Buy all wool suits. There are plenty of tech fabrics out there but for hundreds of years the best material to make suits out of has been wool. that not changing any time soon.

With all that said, if you are 5’8″ and under here are the three must have suits for short men-

1. The Classic Navy Blue with a Little Sheen to It- If you have ever wondered why the navy blue suit is the choice for just about every public figure, wonder no more. It is friendly and and elicits trust. It is slimming and flattering. It exudes power and sophistication. Its the perfect suit to build your entire closet around.

2. The Classic Gray Flannel Chalk Stripe- Short mens suits do not get any better than this. Stripes help to elongate your torso. Chalk stripes keep it clean and classic. This will be a work horse suit perfect for day in and day out wear.

3. Prince of Whales- Its a myth that shorter men should not wear plaid. The Prince of whales or Glen Plaid is the perfect way to show why. Clean and timeless its just a great choice for the well dressed man.

Chris Vance is the senior trends and fashion spotter for Requisite clothing, a custom clothing design house specializing in custom suits, custom shirts, custom tuxedos and sports wear for both men and women.

What is your favourite mens fragrance?

I’m after a new fragrance but don’t know which is best for me.

I want one that smells nice, not strong and has a lasting scent.

I’d go to the store to try some out, but after smelling two or three they all smell the same to me so it’s kinda useless.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

A mild, fresh, lasting fragrance….

Sean Paul Gautier Cologne is the best. It might as well be called “get laid in a bottle.” Most people don’t know it so it’s original and unique as well. It might be spelled Jean Paul Gautier. Macys has it. it’s about $30-$60 a bottle. But it’s worth it.

James Newton Howard – THREE MEN AND A LITTLE LADY (1990) – Soundtrack Suite

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