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Mens Tan

Posted on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Mens Tan
Mens Tan

Leather is available in a variety of styles. The most commonly used materials for luxury leather handbags are top grain, suede and patent leather. Regardless of the type of leather used, however, the tanning process is generally similar for all leathers.

Tanning can be broken into three stages: preparation, tanning and finishing. The complete tanning process may take anywhere from a week to more than two months, depending on the steps that are followed. In the preparation phase, the hide is removed from the animal and salted. In wet salting, the hide is extensively salted then packed for up to a month. Brine curing involves immersing the hide in a water bath and agitating it. This method takes only about 16 hours. Whichever method is used, the hide is then soaked thoroughly in clean water, then in a lime solution. Next, the hair is removed, first by machine and then by hand. At this point the hide may be treated with enzymes to soften it as well as biocides to inhibit mold and bacteria.

The tanning phase comes next. Tanning is the process of converting the newly prepared animal skin into a workable leather. Hides may be tanned using a variety of methods, although the most common methods utilize either vegetable or mineral substances. Vegetable tanning uses tannin, which is a naturally occurring substance in a variety of tree barks. It takes several weeks to tan leather using tannin, during which the hide is stretched on a frame and coated in tannin of varying strengths. Mineral tanning takes a day or less and chromium is generally the mineral of choice. Vegetable tanned leather is extremely flexible, although it is extremely prone to water damage. Mineral tanned leather is stretchable and easy to finish, and is not as likely to be damaged by exposure to water.

Other means of tanning include boiling, tanning in aluminum salts and tanning in animal oils taken usually from the animal’s brain. Although brain-tanned leather is considered exceptionally durable and is highly prized, the process has never been industrialized and products are rarely seen in the commercial market. The other methods of tanning are generally not appropriate to handbag manufacturing.

After tanning is completed, the hide is then thoroughly dried, whether through air circulation, vacuuming or even a high tech electromagnetic process. At this point, the leather is graded and split. Finally, it is dyed the appropriate color and oiled to preserve suppleness and pliability.

Finishing the leather may involve a number of different processes, depending on the desired result. The leather may be waxed, embossed, dyed, brushed, lacquered or shellacked. This stage could be completed in as little as a day or could take as long as a week or more, depending on how many steps are performed.

In general, the amount of work required by the tanning process is reflected in the price of an item, as with your leather handbag. However, a high price is never a guarantee of quality workmanship. It is important to understand the steps that may be performed so that you can ask intelligent questions prior to your purchase. As can be seen above, a luxury leather handbag is an investment in craftsmanship and it is important to know how yours was constructed.

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Does anyone know where I could find the 2010 Mad Hatter’s shoes?

They don’t need to be identical, just generally similar.

They are a tan leather, lace up ankle boot with a square toe. (mens) so that means small heel.
Anything remotely similar to this appearance would be greatly apreciated!

TK MAX probably do them, and theyre cheap there!

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