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Mens Super

Posted on Sunday, April 10, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Mens Super
Mens Super

If you are going to do a survey amongst men, most of them would probably say they are not satisfied by the size of their penis. Yes, most men dream of having a super sized weapon, not only to impress the ladies and enhance their sex life, but also for self-esteem. If you are strong enough to admit your ‘shortcoming’ then it’s just the first step in finding the most effective ways in improving the size of your manhood. The sad fact is most women compare the size of their boyfriend to their exes. If you are too familiar with this situation, then it’s just understandable to desire for a bigger penis.

So what would be the solution to this predicament? Well, it’s good to know that there are numerous ways that are guaranteed to curve your problem. Decades ago, penis enlargement is just a dream for many men. Experts even believe that the penis does not have the capability to grow. But with the advent of advance technology and research over the last few years, penis enlargement has become a possibility. If you are tired of being insecure and you want to know the key points to achieve your goal, then read on.

Do it the natural way

Experts have always advised men to go natural if they want to increase the size of their penis. Going natural is easiest and cheapest way to do it. The first thing you need to do is find the perfect program that will help you achieve what you want. A great program includes several penis exercises to be performed on a regular basis. It also helps if you incorporate the program into your daily routine despite busy schedules. Consistency is the key so the program you choose will always bring positive results.

Measure accurately

Before undergoing a penis enlargement program, it is wise to measure your penis first. This way, you can determine later on if you are making any progress. To make an accurate measurement, be sure to shave your pubic hair first so as not to interfere with the process. Keep in mind that the average size of penis is 5 to 7 inches.

Warm up

Warm ups are important before starting a certain program to avoid pain and discomfort. Just like in other types of exercise, you also need warm ups for a more effective program.

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Can you shave your bikini line with a mens electric razor?

i have a real problem with getting my bikini line free of razor bumps, i hate shaving and waxing is out of the question. and i have super sensitive skin so the creams make me break out. so i was wondering if shaving with a mens electric razor worked.
thanks for all your help.

Yes, that can work pretty much as good as a woman’s electric razor. But that doesn’t mean you’ll always be free of bumps. The rub of the razor can cause them. Use a skin cream afterward for sensitive skin.

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