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Mens Skull

Posted on Monday, August 23, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Mens Skull
Mens Skull

When news of Alexander McQueen’s death came out, people suddenly rushed to the stores to get hold of any article that belonged to McQueen to keep as a memento. One such article that literally went flying off the shelves was McQueen’s skull-printed scarves. These scarves were one of McQueen’s most memorable creations. The skull symbol had been so strongly identified with McQueen that it would be impossible to dissociate the skull from the icon.

Also, among the last creations of McQueen before he died last February 11 was the Armadillo shoes that were part of his 2010 Spring Collections presented last September of 2009. There were many people who were impressed with the structure and architecture of the lobster claw-shaped footwear. Although many were asking if people could actually walk in it as its towering height of 10 inches makes it seem unlikely for anyone to do so. To this day, it remains unconfirmed whether the shoes are indeed functional.

In McQueen’s last fashion show “Plato’s Atlantis” where the Armadillo made its first appearance, two of his models were removed from the show for refusing to wear the outrageously high heeled shoes. Nevertheless, after the show, McQueen still managed to make a good publicity out of it as he was swamped with calls all eager to know about the shoes.

It is amazing that many women are aching to get hold of McQueen’s Armadillo shoes even if they cost somewhere between $3,900 to $10,000. McQueen explained that his fantastical shoes offered an escape from all the harshness of reality. There are only about 21 pairs available and unfortunately even if you could pay for it the chances of getting one is close to impossible as news of McQueen’s death have triggered more people to take interest in the shoes.

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How do I get this picture off my shoes?

I have these black and white ‘athletic-skate’ shoes from payless. They’re mens shoes but I love them. The only problem is that on the white toungue(? Im not sure if that’s what its called. Its visible to others though) part it has a picture of a black skull on it. Is there any way I can get it off somehow? Bleach? Anything?

I’m really sorry because I have no idea… so sorry I can’t help you

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