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Posted on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Mens Silk
Mens Silk

Scarves are an unusual but very stylish accessory when used by men as part of their apparel. The scarf was formerly worn only by women and is still seen by some as a woman’s accessory, but men’s fashions have seen huge changes in recent times and the scarf has been tweaked and changed a little to suit their style.

Silk scarves have found favor with men and they have taken to scarves in a big way. The scarf has shown how a sober business outfit can change to a casual outfit good enough to be worn for an evening out in one swift change.

Scarves are available in different fabrics but the fine silk scarves in rich colors are especially popular. These scarves give the wearer that added bit of sophistication and suaveness to his personality. Silk scarves, beside adding glamour to the wearer help to keep the person wearing it, warm from the cold winds and in dry dusty climes, they are used as protection for the head, nose and mouth. The utilitarian side of this fashion item has added to its attractiveness.

The urge to be seen as being “in” on the fashion scene is also reason for the young and trendy man of today to use a scarf. All that it takes for a man who uses a suit to his workplace everyday, is for him to take off his suit coat,unbutton his shirt and add a scarf complementing the color of his attire to give him a casual look, all this in just a few seconds.

A cashmere shawl set with jeans and T shirt gives a fresh and new look to everyday jeans adding the needed zing to a casual outfit. Winter scarves add style and warmth, not to mention the splash of color that it adds to dark woolens.

The scarf can be folded in a single loop, thrown around the shoulder, wound around the neck several times or just left to hang from both sides of the shoulder to give a man a dapper look. An Ascot also looks good and just like the other styles, gives a man an opportunity to attract attention and show off his sartorial sense. A bandana gives a man a rakish look, while acting as a protection for his head

Silk scarves are all time and all season favorites with a huge fan base from teenagers to the elderly using it with élan. Scarves have been in fashion and will always remain a part of the changing trends because their style is evergreen and they blends in with any outfit adding to the look of the outfit and flattering the wearer.

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Where can I get a nice silk handkerchief for my tuxedo??

I already checked my local department stores and none of them have it, and i already checked Mens Warehouse near me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated — i need it ASAP! thanks 🙂

At kjbeckett handkercheifs are under the ‘by product’ menu.
Also try EBay – good luck!!!

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