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Posted on Saturday, December 18, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Mens Red
Mens Red

Many men question if male menopause and hot flashes in men are factual or if they are simply internet rumors. Well, the answer is yes and no. Men do not go through a phase were their bodies change in such a way that they can no longer reproduce yet men do experience changes in their hormones and even hot flashes. Yes, hot flashes in men and even mood swings are possible.

Male hormone loss at middle age is much more gradual than female hormone loss though a name has been developed to describe male menopause: Andropause. Men can get andropause naturally or after androgen suppression therapy to help remedy prostate cancer. Low testosterone levels cause the brain’s hypothalamus to incorrectly make assumptions about what your body requires. It tricks that part of the brain into believing you are not warm enough so it tells your blood vessels to enlarge, making you blush and become sweaty.

Men going though male menopause experience harsh night sweats that soaks their bed which makes it hard to sleep and can bring about insomnia. During a hot flash men become red and begin to perspire, making it apparent to others that he is overheating. A hot flash occurs for about an average of 4 minutes, this is frequently followed by a cold feeling that can be quite unpleasant when you are drenched in sweat.

The best methods to combat these unlikable side effects of andropause is getting regular physical activity and improving your diet. Skip red wine, alcohol, spicy foods, foods with MSG, and caffeine. Making sure your body receives all the nutrients it needs per day is of the utmost consequence and a daily multi-vitamin can make sure you get these. Don’t smoke since this raises your possibility of enduring hot flashes and wear loose fitting cotton apparel so that you can tolerate sweat better.

Taking particular measures before sleeping can avert night sweats and hot flashes so that you can sleep through the night. Bring down the temperature in the bedroom right before you lay down and keep it cool during the night by cracking open a window or taking over the air conditioning.

Also talk to a medical professional; they may be able to evaluate any prescriptions you are on to determine if they are increasing your symptoms. A fairly ordinary treatment for hot flashes in men is to use the same hormone replacement therapy that women take for menopause symptoms. Over eighty percent of men had reduced symptoms with hormone replacement therapy although side effects can include bloating and weight gain.

Hot flashes in men can mean you are simply experiencing lower testosterone levels or they can be the result of prostate cancer treatments. You will find various simple improvements to your behaviors you can use to reduce hot flashes and even remedies from a health practitioner that could help out if non-medicated strategies didn’t work.

You can find out more regarding hot flashes in men and how to combat them.

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