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Mens Nautica

Posted on Wednesday, December 30, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Mens Nautica
Mens Nautica

Jeans Shorts on Men… Tacky?

Do you think that jean shorts that hit the knee on teenage or young adult boys are tacky and cheap looking? Let me know your opinion.

like these
personally, i like my short skirts! lol

but, what if they are polo… he asks me.. I still say CHEAP and TACKY. lol
…and… i hate the hills, i’d be fine.
or whatever they called it, i dont know the things they put the clothes on, are considered manicans… you need to relax fool. why are you attacking me here?…gawd…GAY!i saw a guy at the mall wearing daisy dukes….SCARRED….you could tell he was a fruit loop.

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