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Mens Long

Posted on Monday, June 1, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Mens Long
Mens Long

There are many different hairstyles for men but short hairstyles are much more popular then medium length and longer hairstyles. Many times how a man wears his hair can provide you with some insight on himself and how he wants the world to perceive him.

Short hairstyles can be fun, sleek and unique, and are termed as a classic hairstyles for men. As with women, there are specific short hairstyles that look good if they are matched with the correct face shape.

The buzz haircut is one that has remained popular for men for decades. This cut is one short step away from being bald as it is a very close haircut. This traditionally is a cut associated with the military. There are a few different styles of the buzz cut as you can have a faded buzz cut or even a buzz cut with bangs.

The Caesar cut has a straight horizontal fringe. If you need any pictures then look at Julius Caesar as this was his hair cut. Another fun and unusual hairstyle for men is the faux hawk. Unlike getting a real Mohawk the faux hawk is styled so that it looks like a Mohawk, you do not need to shave off the sides of your hair.

The business man cut is very traditional and is a short more conservative hair cut. As the name implies you look very professional. This type of hairstyle can have many variations but the basics of the cut include tapering on the sides and back with a part on one side of the head.

The fade is another short men’s hairstyle that has many variations. There is the flat top fade, low fade, temple fade, Brooklyn Fade and Philly fade to name but a few. This is a type of tapered cut. Generally the hair is cut very close on the back and sides and then is tapered upwards.

View pictures gallery of short hairstyles for men including buzz cut, spiky, mohawk, flat top, and others only on

Where can I find long lengthed mens graphic tees?

Not super long and baggy or dress like, just for a taller skinny guy. My boyfriend is very slim and is around 6ft. Small shirts fit him well, except they are just too short for his torso. Mediums are too wide for him and also too short. We are sure a large would just look stupid and also, not be long enough. Can anyone tell me a good site that sells like really cool graphic tee shirts that are a little longer than average?
also Topman has pretty brilliant clothes 🙂 also primark if you’re into that sort of thing
xx 🙂

Brian Boitano (USA) – 1988 Calgary, Men’s Long Program

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