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Mens Aviator

Posted on Monday, August 9, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Mens Aviator
Mens Aviator

Does anybody know where I can get Aviator style sunglasses from that are suitable for a wider bridged nose?


I broke my nose several years ago so the bridge of my nose is wider then it used to be. For this reason I cannot buy most Mens conventional sunglasses as the nose pads either sit too high on my face due to resting on the wider bridge or they sit to high due to the two lenses sitting too close so there is not enough room in the middle for them to sit correctly.

I’ve been looking on the net for some aviator style sunglasses and wondered if anybody else had encoutered this problem and if so if they knew of any decent glasses for this purpose as I’m presuming if I went to Topman etc that I’d have the same problem with the Aviators as I have with most?


1st off if I could, I would SLAP Bella upside the head for you for her stupid answer she gave you (ya, real “funny” bi’atch).

Anyways, have you ever tried e-bay? I looked up a link for you where they have tons of different Aviator style shades, here it is:

I have bought good shades on there before, just make sure the seller has really good positivity.

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