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Love Kills

Posted on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Love Kills
Love Kills

What do you do when you have to watch someone you love kill themselves?

my brother is a very strong drug addict and it kills me to know that even as much as i love him i can do nothing to stop this and so while he gets his (hie) and all of us loved ones just sit by the sidelines and watch his life end right before our eyes!!!!
is there anything i can do?

my brotehr was on real hard drugs for about 5 years, it was so hard because he lived with us and did it, we saw him everyday on was just me and my mum and he was always off his head, he would steal, hock things for drugs, all we did was pray. so many days i was up looking out the window for him, i spent alot of time helping him, he would borrow this and that but i was there for him, he’s older then me but i was protecting him, by telling him freinds to get stuffed, i swear i could of killed his friends… i have a big family but they did nothing, they didnt care except for my lil sister who was the only one that could talk to him, the reason why maybe your bro is on drugs is because of a problem, maybe something has hurt him and he doesnt know how to deal with it so he takes drugs, my bro was like that, the best thing for u to do is seek help for what u can do for yourself and your bro, ask him if he wants help to get off the drugs, he” will probobly say he isnt on drugs but talk about something else, talk about work, try and find out what teh problem is, “mayeb its his g/friend, maybe he hasnt a job, just guessing here, and try and help him focus on getting some of those goals, or even better how about the family go out on a dinner all together, and hey even if he is on drugs when u go to this dinner he will know that he has family that loves him, drug addict always know who loves them and who doesnt, when they are not high they know, try and get him to go to detox, if he wants to.. i know its hard my bro wouldnt go, nobody can force anyone to anything, and thats what hurts the most, u know my bro was on the edge of overdose out in our back yard but he stayed on the drugs the reason because his problems in life were still there…anyway find out about the drug he is on, get enough info what the worst case senario could be..find out from his friends what drugs on, and make a report to the police that your brotehr is on drugs, (just a report) you have no idea what drugs can do to a person, even your own flesh and blood, for saftey sake, this problem of his is his ,not yours all people can do who has family on drugs is advice,support, but we cant stop them ,thats thier job, and if they kill themselves , hey we did our best, we cant do anymore… i mean think about it why should u be held responsible becuase they no-offence cant get there shite together and sort there own damn problems out, its the same with my bro , he has problems but he thought getting high would resolve them ,know he knows it didnt …anyway good luck..bye 😉

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