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Posted on Friday, July 8, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Loop Sport
Loop Sport

Does anyone have a Graco Comfort Sport, or know a lot about car seats?

I just bought my daughter a Graco Comfort Sport convertable car seat. She is on the middle slot and still rear facing. She kinda chunky, so with a coat on (it’s cool at night in Wi lol), it’s hard to buckle. In the back (when you adjust the harness straps onto the splitter plate), it has two settings (a top loop and a bottom loop). The manual said to use the top loop for infants and small toddlers, and the bottom loop for bigger toddlers. If i could swich the straps to the bottom loop she would have more room. But can i do that if she’s still rear facing and technically not a toddler yet? It doesn’t state whether i can do it when rear facing.

I hope someone understands what i’m talking about lol…it’s so confusing to type.

On the ComfortSport, the top loop is supposed to be used for rear-facing positioning and the bottom loop for forward-facing. So you should leave it as is until she is turned forward.

A piece of advice as well –

Coats/jackets aren’t advised for carseat use unless you can strap the baby in without adjusting the straps. They recommend that you strap the baby into the seat without a coat, and adjust the straps so that they fit as snugly as they should. (no more than one finger between shoulder and strap, and you shouldn’t be able to pinch any of the strap). Then put on the baby’s coat and see if you can still strap them in. If so, you can use the coat in the carseat; if not, you can’t. The reason is that loosening the straps to accommodate the coat means that they are no longer snug against the baby. In an accident, the coat will be compressed and the straps will then be too loose.

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