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Linen Shirt

Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Linen Shirt
Linen Shirt

For people who don’t know linen shirts for men are one of the latest trends today because of the comfort that it gives the wearer. The linen fabric is made from the plant’s flax which is known to give coolness to the body especially during warm temperatures. That is why a lot of clothes use linen fabric for people to enjoy the coolness of this amazing fabric. It became the most popular fabric when it comes to men’s wardrobe especially the shirts for men. A lot of men today are wearing these linen shirts especially if they are going on a vacation or during summer for them to feel extremely comfortable no matter how hot it is.

Whether or not you are going on vacation linen shirts are a very practical solution when guys have want to look well dressed even on a hot steamy summer day. There is a reason men have been wearing linen clothes for centuries – they are comfortable!

Usually linen shirts for men come in different styles from short sleeves, long sleeves, dressy to casual one. One of the most famous styles today is the camp shirt which is also known as the Mexican wedding shirt. It is mainly because you can wear this type of shirt in different occasions such as, beach weddings, casual events and even during ordinary days when the heat it up.

You can also try wearing linen shirts for men for your dinner date to make you feel comfortable. This will also prevent you from sweating real hard which will impress your date. That is one of the goodness of the linen fabric; it will prevent you from sweating excessively because the fabric will allow the air to pass through the fabric to your body to keep you cool all day and night long.

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What shoes/shirt to wear with a beige linen suit?

I have a summer wedding coming up shortly and I’ve bought a nice beige linen suit for it.
What shirt/shoe combination would look good with it?

I was thinking a light blue shirt & tan shoes…?

light blue shirt would be good. you could also go for white or off-white.
match your shoes to the belt. i’m thinking brown or khaki.
if you’re wearing a white shirt, you could pull off a dark coloured tie (even black) and match the shoes to that as well.

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