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Lens Oakley

Posted on Monday, December 13, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Lens Oakley
Lens Oakley

Best oakley goggle lens for night riding?

Just wondering what a good lens is for night riding.. obviously clear is best but is the pink or blue iridium and good? thanks
is hi intesity yellow have a mirror effect at all or is it just like a classic yellow lens

Ditto on the HI Yellow. It’s great at enhancing the flat light caused by the lights used on the slopes at night.

The HI Yellow lens has a Blue iridium coating so it has kind of a blue reflectiveness to it when you are looking AT the lens. It is all yellow when you look through it. Regular Yellow lenses are cheaper because they don’t have the coating.


Quick look at the Oakley Fire Iridium lens for Radar Path

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