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Leather Coat

Posted on Sunday, July 3, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Leather Coat
Leather Coat

My black leather coat stained my light grey leather seats and vinyl armrest in my car. How can I remove it?

I have tried every leather cleaner I can find, but the black coat dye has transfered to the leather and to the plastic.

Dye transfer can be tricky to remove as the longer it is on the leather and the more agressive the dye the harder it will be to remove. You need to try Maxi Cleaner (LTT) which was specifically formulated for this problem and if this does not remove it then no leather cleaner will and you will need to call a qualified leather technician who will have stronger solvents that he will use and then recolour/refinish whatever is necessary.

Using a good quality leather protector (Ultra Protect is the strongest one on the market) is imperative on a pale colour leather to help guard against this sort of problem as all clothing etc will give off a certain amount of dye as the body sweats and so this problem will only continue. Using a protector means the dye will sit on the surface and then can be cleaned off easily with a cleaner or maintenance product

Do not use Magic erasers as these will damage the finish on the leather, Any cleaners not specifically tested on leather should be avoided as they are potentially damaging, do not scrub excessively as this will remove the colour from the leather. Two gentle cleans is always better.

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