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Leather Casual

Posted on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Leather Casual
Leather Casual

A pair of wedge shoes can be perfect for the modern working woman. Too many times the wedge is avoided, because it’s thought to be casual. However, a wedge shoe has many benefits not the least of which is that it can go with any outfit. Wedges also are extremely comfortable because they cushion the whole foot. They have a multitude of heel styles including wood, rubber and cork. And they look fantastic on a woman’s foot.  

The wedge comes in so many different styles, it will compliment any outfit. A basic black wedge sandal looks great with jeans or a business suit. A colorful purple, red or yellow wedge is lovely with a sundress or a basic skirt and blouse. There are wedges with embroidery, beading and floral designs, all of which are perfect for a formal dress occasion. Just like designs, different fabrics can make a shoe more or less dressy. There are lovely fabrics for all kinds of wedge shoes. One can find fabrics such as leather, satin, vinyl and suede.  

Leather wedges can be dressy, professional or casual , depending on the heel style. A wood heel and basic black leather upper will look more casual or professional. A silver or white satin shoe is perfect for a formal wedding dress, provided the bottom of the shoe is not a muted wood, cork or rubber sole. Vinyl can look beautiful, but can hurt your feet if worn to long or in too hot of weather. Since vinyl doesn’t give, it may cause blisters as well. A vinyl shoe may or may not look formal, but it’s best to leave it for casual wear. Suede is one type of fabric that can be dressy or casual depending on the style of the shoe and its color. Most of the time a suede shoe will look too casual to wear with a formal gown, but it may look great with a suit for the office.  

Wedges as a whole are a more comfortable shoe than most heels as they cushion the entire foot from toe to heel. A high heel looks great on the foot, but doesn’t always feel great. If you need the height of a higher heel, a wedge gives you the same look but without the cost of an uncomfortable day on your feet. Because the wedge fits under the arch of the foot, you’ll walk tall in comfort and style. Various styles of heels can make the shoe even more comfortable.  

A well made wedge shoe which has a wooden heel, can be comfortable if the sole of the shoe has a thicker cushion. If the sole is too thin, the wood heel may not cushion the foot enough. Alternatively, a rubber or cork sole are very comfortable, but are not an ideal shoe for formal or professional suit. Instead a rubber heel is a great shoe to wear with jeans, shorts and skirts. A platform wedge shoe is perfect with a pair of funky jeans.

As a fanatical shoe shopper, I find that wedge shoes end up in my closet more than most other styles. I have around 20 pair and each is unique in its own way. For more about wedge shoes and black wedge shoes please visit me at my website where there are a wide range of topics now, and to come, on wedges.

Going to a business casual restaurant can I wear leather sandals?

What do you think, I dress nice, I have diesal white was jeans, and a really nice A & F shirt,,,shoes don’t go so well with it?

Your thoughts?
Err I’m a guy…

Also my feet look good.

This girl likes style

are they flats? I’d wear something with a bit of a heal to dress it up.

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