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Lauren Blue

Posted on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Lauren Blue
Lauren Blue

If there is one fabric which says summer, it is seersucker! Classic, lightweight, and cheerful, this wonderful material with the textured stripes would make a wonderful addition to a summer wedding. Take a look at these pretty ways to use seersucker for your summertime nuptials.

Seersucker is created by weaving a fabric with alternating stripes of smooth texture and wrinkled texture (to be technical, it is created by alternating the tension on the stripes of fabric when it is being woven). The signature puckered effect of seersucker is popular for summer because it is light and comfortable, but also because it looks great on a hot day; unlike that other top summer fabric, linen, with seersucker the wrinkles are already built in! Seersucker is a very traditional fabric for mens’ summer suiting in the South, as well as for breezy summer attire for preppy ladies everywhere. For a wedding, it can be used in the classic blue and white stripe, a feminine pink and white, cheery lime or yellow with white, or a very bridal white or ivory on white stripe.

Let’s start with the bride. If you are a dyed-in-the-wool preppy gal having an informal summer wedding, you simply must think about wearing a white-on-white or ivory-on-white seersucker striped wedding dress. There have been some very pricey versions of seersucker formalwear, such as the stunning full length dress created by Ralph Lauren several years back, but there are also some very reasonably priced options. The company Thread creates a couple of full length seersucker dresses which would be incredible for a bride. Pair it with classic bridal accents, such as sets of pearl jewelry and a big bouquet of pink garden roses (and peonies, if your wedding is in the early summer).

Knee length strapless seersucker dresses are a fantastic option for summer bridesmaid dresses. The crisp and easy style of seersucker would make it ideal for the bridesmaids at a wedding in a place like Nantucket. A super cute idea would be to put the bridesmaids in pink and white seersucker dresses, and have the men in the wedding wear blue and white striped seersucker pants with navy blazers. Because you have to draw the line somewhere, if the rest of the wedding party is wearing this fabric, the bride should wear something else, such as a silk organza gown. Pearl bridal jewelry sets would be ideal for all the ladies in the wedding, and custom bow ties would be great for the guys.

Another fun place that seersucker could be used in a wedding is the tablecloths for the reception. Instead of using the traditional thin stripe, get a seersucker with a wide woven stripe which is two or three inches across. You could even mix a combination of wide and narrow seersucker stripes, like a wide one for the tablecloths and a narrow one to create draperies to hide tent poles. A simple white slipcover with a sash in your seersucker stripe color (probably either pink or blue) would be the perfect finishing touch.

Having so much fun with seersucker that you want to use some more? Try a wide seersucker ribbon wrapped around the wedding bouquets. This is a fabric that looks as good on the back as the front, so the streamers of your bows will look great. Tie a pink and white stripe around pink peonies, or use the classic blue around a big bunch of blue hydrangeas. All of the seersucker accents will result in a wedding which has a fresh and easy style blended with classic good taste.

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